Why compare quotes?

Whether you’re looking to buy your first motorhome or renew the insurance on the one you already own, it makes sense to compare motorhome insurance quotes rather than accept the first price offered, or to stay with your current insurer because you feel it might be difficult and time-consuming to change.

The insurance market is now incredibly competitive and there are some great prices out there to insure your motorhome but it won’t mean that you’re going to receive any less quality of cover.

Comparing quotes means you can check out the prices from other companies against any quotes you’ve already received and you’ll find you can get fantastic value for money.

There’s really no need to pay over the odds for insurance and you could be very pleasantly surprised with how much you can save by taking just a few minutes to look at the different options available to you.

What you need to think about when comparing quotes.

The main aspects to look at when you’re comparing quotes are:

    • The price; is it within your budget and does it differ depending on the method of payment chosen such as annual or monthly instalments.
    • What the policy actually insures you for; ensure it’s the right cover for you and your motorhome
    • Features of the policy; if you want to be able to drive outside the UK for long periods of time for example, ensure it’s permitted on the policy you’ve chosen.
    • Are all the details provided correct; not only can errors in your details give an incorrect price, you could find there are issues if you need to make a claim and you’ve made a mistake when initially taking out the policy.

How to compare motorhome quotes

Comparing quotes for motorhome insurance is quick and easy. All you need to do is complete the search quote page here on motorhomeinsurance.org and you’ll receive instant results. You can then check prices and features across the different providers at a glance and once you’ve made your decision, you can buy your policy online and enjoy instant cover.