The Top 20 Motorhome Gifts

Widen your horizons when travelling across the Channel
January 25, 2016

Accessories and gadgets are great for living on the road and there are some great – and unusual – motorhome gifts which can be bought to use when they park up at the campsite or when they are wild camping.

Campervan toaster1. Camper Van Toaster

A toaster for those with a true passion for their VW! The lucky recipient of this gift can enjoy living in a campervan whilst eating breakfast from one.

caravan mug2. Muggi

Now there will never be any need to worry about spilling that all important cup of tea when negotiating your motorhome. The Muggi can hold up to 4 cups of tea at the same time and not only does it have rubber feet so it can’t slip around, the holder will even catch the drips.

Poop Bag3. Poop bag

Many people like to take their pets on motorhome holidays and every careful dog owner will always have a pocket full of plastic bags to pick up after their pet. However, walking around a town or along the beach edge swinging a small plastic bag of very obvious contents never looks cool so the solution for a friend with a dog is the Dicky Bag from the Duck Soup range! You can even have it customised for your breed of pet.

caravan teapot4. Everything stops for tea

When it’s time for tea, it’s time to relax and there’s no better way to get the perfect brew than in this caravan shaped teapot. It’s made in Yorkshire, the home of British tea making so if you have a relative in America originally from the UK who tours in their RV, send them this as a reminder of the pleasures of a nice, hot cup of strongly brewed cha.

amp stove phone charger5. Wood power

Keeping a mobile phone charged is important when touring in a motorhome. The last thing anyone wants to discover if they break down or can’t find directions to a campsite is a flat battery. This quirky and frankly amazing gadget charges a mobile phone using sticks. It uses the heat created and converts it to electricity. It’s a Biolite camp stove and can also be carried it around in a rucksack for wild camping. It’s just a case of, “light a fire and plug the phone in” to reconnect to civilisation.

panini maker6. Gourmet dinner time

For most people who are out on the road, cooking outside means a barbecue and a few sausages or burgers. Not for the more discerning traveller though with the invention of the campfire Panini maker. Now everyone can discover that Italian café sensation after eating a Panini which has been heated over an open fire.
Some may say it’s just a hot sandwich, but not to those who like to live their motorhome lives with a suave sophistication. Perfect for anyone who matches their curtains to their cups or has to have monogrammed towels.

Keyring iphone charger7. Only useless if you lose your keys

This keyring iPhone solar charger covers so many good ideas it should win an award for most useful gadget. It can be attached to the motorhome keyring so it’s never lost at the back of a drawer, it takes up very little space in an environment where storage is at a premium and it uses the sun to charge the phone and so it’s very eco-friendly. Just don’t give it as a gift to anyone who is always misplacing their keys!

Road trip art8. Road trip art

If you want to give a really cool reminder to anyone who has taken a particularly exciting or life changing journey in their motorhome, you can have pages from maps framed to give to them as presents to place on their walls. You’ll know that every night they can relive those winding, narrow streets of Europe as they think about just how tight it was to get around the corner of the road that the sat nav told them was perfectly fine to travel along.

Smores9. More S’mores

If you want a gift for a Canadian friend or are travelling around Canada or simply want the experience of a truly Canadian snack, the S’more maker is perfect.
Combine Graham’s Crackers, marshmallows and a layer of chocolate and place this hinged grilling plate over an open fire until the melting ingredients can be seen splashing the flames.

Portable fire place10. When a gas heater just won’t do

If you know someone who is missing the sensation of a real fire in their motorhome and prefers to sit and watch flickering flames as the room heats to a boring gas heater, this is the perfect gift.
This motorhome Fire Place produces a flame and heat and really gives a great effect on a cold night when everyone is tucked up listening to the rain hammering on the roof.

Motorhome Flag Pole11. Know where you’re coming from

For anyone who is proud to shout which country they are from or just want to warn others that they may not speak the same language, the solution is obvious – a motorhome flag pole.
Attach to the side and run up a flag and the neighbours will know which country they will be shouting for when the football is on.

Remote drinks cooler12. Never have a warm beer again

Buy a motorhome fanatic this remote controlled rolling drinks cooler and they’ll always have a cold drink to reach for. What makes it even more amazing is that it is designed to move along the ground on wheels so when everyone is relaxing under the awning, nobody ever needs to get up for a drink as they can ask for it to be rolled to them using the remote control. It holds 6 bottles so unfortunately the seventh person will have to go to the on-board fridge to restock.


Bird feeder13. For nature lovers everywhere

Many people like to feed their birds when at home and miss it when they take a trip in their motorhome. This can be solved with the gift of a mini bird feeder which is perfect for attaching to a vehicle. Easy to set up and can be used at campsites across the world.

seven person tricycle14. Transport for all the family

When the family want to take their bikes on a day out from the motorhome, there’s the amount of time needed to take them all from their frame on the vehicle as well as the fact that everyone gets separated at some point – particularly in a large group.

This 7-seater tricycle means that everyone on holiday can stay together when they go out for a trip together.

Each seat has separate pedals so everybody can do their bit on a particularly steep hill. It’s whacky – but it works!

Record player15. If music be the food of love

For those who like to hear the sound of vinyl on a turntable rather than the clinical, clean sound of digital music, travelling in a motorhome means it’s virtually impossible to drive along whilst singing along to Gilbert & Sullivan musical hits on s record player. Until now that is, with the invention of a counterbalanced turntable.

It’s completely suspended so any knocks, bumps or vibrations are deadened and don’t affect the record or the arm as the music plays.

It even plays 45 rpm singles so it’s possible to listen to classics from the 1960s and 1970s.

Costing around £20,000, it’s for the real music motorhome owning enthusiast, but the science involved is out of this world.

Jigsaw16. Games to keep everyone amused

If there are children travelling on a motorhome holiday, they tire eventually of campsite facilities and the ‘I’m bored’ mantra is heard. Even before they can finish the phrase and parents search the cupboard for the dusty traditional games and puzzles on board, present them with this gift of the World’s Biggest Jigsaw and challenge them to finish it before you plan to leave the campsite. With 32,256 pieces and cool graffiti art designs within it they’ll probably have to enlist the help of newly found friends but it will keep them occupied day and night.

Barbecue boat17. Why stay in one place to have a barbecue

Imagine parking up, setting up the awning and lighting the barbecue – bliss. As a rather interesting alternative to this if the motorhome is parked by a river is the Barbecue Dining Boat.

It has a built-in barbecue, umbrella and place settings for 10 people and a 30 watt trolling motor to send everyone a steady 2.5 mph along the water. With on-board batteries, there’s a whole adventure which can be had on this boat before returning to the motorhome as it will stay powered and moving for 8 hours.

Camper tent18. Extra space on hand

If there are extra guests who need sleeping accommodation and you don’t have a drive away awning, this funky VW tent is the perfect idea.

It is a near scale replica of a Type 2 VW and will sleep 4 people. It all folds neatly into a bag so it can be stored in a small space in the motorhome when required and at 72 inches high will accommodate the tallest of flower power sleepers.

Tow car19. Tiny Tow Car

Many people like to take a tow car on the back of their motorhome when they’re away so they can head off for the day and leave the van on the site. Tow cars though can be long, heavy and expensive additions when it comes to ferry crossings. With this copy of the rare Peel Trident, it will sit neatly at the back and almost go unnoticed.

It’s a faithful copy of the Isle of Man built electric car which was originally manufactured from 1965-1966. Now re-launched with a mix of steel and fibreglass, the car has 3bhp and will get you to your destination rather slowly with a top speed of 28 mph.

Give this as a gift and the recipients will save huge amounts on ferry charges as it is only 72 inches long. Be careful to tell the lucky receivers not to travel too far as it will only take them 15 miles before needing a 5 hour recharge.

Flying bike20. Up, up and away

Whilst nobody has yet emulated Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and invented a flying motorhome, the nearest thing is available for all the family.

Instead of standard mountain bikes being strapped to the rear of the vehicle, everyone will certainly get to see the surrounding countryside in these legal to ride flying bicycles.

They will cruise at low heights at a maximum of 25 mph and with a fuel tank which can travel 75 miles before needing to glide down at the nearest service station, this conventional bike can also be taken into traffic if the rear 3-bladed propeller para-wing is removed.

As it’s also foldable, there’s every chance it can even be stored on-board the motorhome, meaning there’s no need to fit a bike rack which saves a job for the lucky owners.