May 2, 2014

Find out why motorhome ownership is rising in the UK.

Many people have – at one time or another – dreamed of taking to the open road for the freedom, independence and excitement of exploring new […]
May 13, 2014

Beginners Guide to Better Motorhome Security Infographic

Making the decision to buy a motorhome is one which comes with a large financial investment and it is only sensible that you want to protect your investment. Because they are often left unattended for long periods of time – on holiday parks for instance when you are at home – they are a target for burglars. The value for a motorhome is not only in the financial asset it holds as a vehicle, but because thieves will know that you have probably got expensive items and equipment inside, they are going to be looking to take your possessions instead of or as well as driving your pride and joy away. It’s vital then that whether your motorhome is kept on the driveway, on land you own or on a seasonal pitch on a campsite, you look to keep it as safe and as secure as is possible.
August 7, 2014

Motorhome insurance companies – which one should I use?

When you’re buying a motorhome, you are going to want to insure it as soon as possible so you know that it is protected from the […]
August 12, 2014

Essential Motorhome Accessories

A motorhome is all about having the luxuries of your own property on four – or sometimes six – wheels. The market is full of great […]