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The Lives of Adventurous Campervan Wanderers

Whether it’s the occasional short break, a ‘time out’ year or even quitting the rat race to live full time on the road, travelling the world in a campervan is a spectacular way to see the sights. Some have already made the leap, many dream of taking the plunge to head off into the sunset and some are actively planning to do just this at some point in the future. Reading the blogs then of those who are at different stages in their adventure is both motivational and inspirational.

Here are our favourite campervan blogs which chart the lives of the nomadic folk; whether they enjoy occasional weekends by the sea or have made their campervan home for themselves and their family, it’s all recorded for the world to read.

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Happy Travelling!


Ken & Kathleen Campervan Trips

A couple with a real penchant for spending as much time as possible travelling in their campervan around the UK and Europe. Posting since 2009, they have chalked up many thousands of miles (and kilometres once across the Channel) describing the locations they’ve visited and the people they’ve met. Their use of maps and GPS coordinates makes it particularly easy to see where they are when following their tours.

On Tour with Daisy

All campervans have to have a name; they are as much a part of the family as children and pets. Often given female names, Daisy is no exception and her owners Nik and Serena are passionate about travelling around the UK and blogging their experiences of the beauty of Great Britain.

Dedicated to sharing their travels, they have an accompanying website where visitors can view their galleries of snapshots taken at towns and cities as well as campsites they’ve stayed at. Fans of the unusual and quirky, they also like to spot and record campers which are rare or that little bit different and share their finds with their fans.

You’ll notice lots of posts about Oscar who is their rescue dog from Romania. He was one of the lucky ones who has been given a loving new home and has a great time seeing the world through the windows of Daisy.

Vandog Traveller

The ongoing tale of Mike and his self-conversion LDV Transit. He took the step many dream of but never dare to do; he quit his job, gave away his possessions, bought a van and converted it into a moving home. His blog follows his work on the van before leaving the UK along with his self-penned desires in life to:

–          Adventure

–          Travel

–          Live everywhere

–          Meet great people

–          Maximise chances of those ‘once in a lifetime situations’

–          Experience amazing strokes of luck

Life for Mike is on a budgetary shoestring in comparison to many fellow campervan travellers but he’s embraced life and is already fulfilling his desires.

Campervan Living

Even TV presenters are now living life on the road in their campervan. Martin Dorey, front man for the BBC 2 show One Man and His Campervan spends as much time travelling in his red and white VW camper. His blogs share his love for cookery and in particular ingredients he has foraged whilst visiting stunning locations.

Martin is an advocate for wild camping and offers advice and tips on where to pitch up for the night for those who don’t want to stay at official sites. He also shares the rules and regulations on wild camping to help everyone stay on the right side of the law.

One Girl and A Campervan

A blog which tells the tale of Lou and her travels in Old Red; a 1985 VW T25/T3 which started life as a transporter van but was quickly converted to a campervan and now carries his owner (a ‘male’ campervan is a rarity in the travelling communities) and her newly-found co-pilot Luke on adventures which start from Stratford-Upon-Avon. Their blog follows the festival trails as well as moving around beautiful hidden spots in Europe.

One Girl and A Campervan is a really personal read about life in general and shares the ups and downs of owning an old but (usually) trusty campervan.

Girl Meets Van

The thoughts of Carla Louise – a blogger who describes her life as being a ‘twenty-something’s adventures converting her own campervan’ who wants to buy and convert a van but finds that life keeps getting in the way.

Originally wanting to travel with a greyhound as company, Carla now finds herself with cats and kittens to accommodate as she searches for the campervan for her. This blog is a great insight into the time, planning and research it takes to find the van for you.  It also offers philosophical musings into how you need to change direction every so often but stay determined to realise your dream – even if it’s when you have to admit you’ll be 30 by the time it actually gets off the ground.

VW Camper Blog

One for the VW enthusiasts. A fantastic collection of all things VW campervan with fun and informative articles to accompany each one.

The blog looks at touring routes around the UK, cool gadgets you can buy for your van, retro adverts and galleries of fantastic weird and wonderful VW one-off paint jobs which really turn heads when they are out on the road.

For anyone who loves this classic camper, this is the blog to settle back for an evening of self-indulgent reading; dive in and immerse yourself in all things split-screen, T2/T3/T4 and T5. There’s even a selection of videos to watch of vans from around the world. The VW Camper Blog is the comfort food of vehicle blogs.

VW Camper and Bus

The blog offshoot of the Volk’s World Camper and Bus magazine, this blog is a vibrant look at what’s happening in the industry. It details shows, events, exhibitions and lots of inspiring feature pieces on road trips around the world by VW camper owners.

You don’t need to be a magazine subscriber to enjoy this blog along with great pieces about the history of this born-again favourite. Read all about VW campers in the news and even download a great looking 1964 Split Window Camper image as your desktop wallpaper.