Head north for the Scottish open roads

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August 19, 2015
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September 10, 2015

Known as Scotland’s answer to the American bucket list voyage of  Route 66, there is now an official route which many motorhome owners dream of travelling along which is much closer to home.

Full of stunning views of lochs and mountains, it’s a trip which whilst growing to be popular, will never mean being bumper to bumper with another family as it covers a huge geographical area.

Please make sure that you have adequate motorhome insurance for your vehicle if you are attempting to drive.

The North Coast 500 route – known to those who drive it as the NC500 and backed by Prince Charles, winds around the Highlands offering breath-taking surprises around every corner.

Divided into different districts, many start their journey at Inverness and then meander through the sections of:

–          Black Isle

–          Caithness

–          Easter Ross

–          Sutherland

–          Wester Ross

If you’re looking for an incredible adventure along a well-marked vehicle path, load up your home from home luxuries, ensure your motorhome insurance is in place and be ready to be enthralled by fairytale castles, snow-topped peaks and deserted beaches as far as the eye can see.

Black Isle

After leaving the city of Inverness, known as the Capital of the Highlands, the 500 mile trip starts in the area known as the Black Isle.

Leaving town life behind, this section then takes you through cliffs, moors and beaches. The coastline is dotted with opportunities to spot seals and dolphins and you’ll even past a tree which has been known to have magical properties and sits above a well. Easy to spot, the tree is covered in rags which have been tied there along with a wish for the future from each person.


An area with much more motorhome insurance to offer than the famous colourful glass production, Caithness will take you and your motorhome to the most north easterly part of the NC500. Step back in time with a visit to the Castle of Mey and then on to the geological wonder that is Duncanby Stacks.

See the fishing industry in action in Wick and spend a while watching the booming farming industry in action across this northerly spot, then head to Sinclair’s Bay beach and share in the secret of this beautiful section of coastline known to only locals and those who drive to the top of the UK.

Easter Ross

Watch a mermaid appear from beneath the waves when you reach Easter Ross. Sitting on the shores of Balintore, the ‘Mermaid of the North’ sits on a rock resplendent in bronze as a marker for the height of the tide.

There are activities for all the family with museums such as the Tain through Time exhibition, a distillery to tour to find out about famous Scotch whisky and the Fyrish Monument to climb the hill to reach and to also admire the unique views with motorhome insurance.


Plan to spend plenty of time in the Sutherland area as it’s not only full of contrasting natural beauty, but is also the longest part of the route to travel through, as long as you have motorhome insurance.

An area steeped in crofting history, the landscape is dominated by the majestic mountain, Ben Loyal. Complete with four rocky peaks, it runs alongside a large section of the NC500. A great achievement for a seasoned climber, the walking route to the top is 9.5 miles long.

A place where fairytale castles do exist, a trip to Dunrobin is a must. It sits loftily along the coastline and is the seat of the Earl and Clan of Sutherland. Not only a beautiful place to visit, there’s also a falconry centre located in the stunning gardens.

Wester Ross

Don’t think about home yet even though you’re on the last leg of your journey. Driving through Wester Ross is sure to be an experience as special as the other areas you’ve already seen and you’ll tell the tales of the steep inclines and sharp corners of The Bealach Na Ba.

The scenery you’ll see along the way will also certainly stay with you. Long stretches of white beaches, waterways known as ‘The Six Lochs of Wester Ross’ and the welcoming atmosphere of the town of Ullapool, you’ll be wanting to continue around this area for as long as possible before heading home.

Scotland is an incredible place to visit and once you have packed provisions, motorhome insurance documents and binoculars to spot the local wildlife, set your sat nav or even load up your NC500 app and head off for an experience to certainly match its American road trip cousin.